Ceramic description

Inspired by natural materials like wood, stone, fabric, etc. ceramic is changing, reshaping and reinventing itself. Those of us who make ceramic in all its possibilities, know that it meets all needs, shades, looks, technical constraints; it has no limits, nothing escapes it.


For Capri, sharing beauty and inspiring emotions have never been just a business like any other. And so after a passion for natural stone lasting 50 years, we have to surprise you, to give you a creative vision of ceramic tiling! Working as a partner with creators, architects, interior designers and fitters, Capri has formed a group of talents for ceramics that multiply the options, enhance customization and advice.
With once more the best-designed response possible, the exceptional is achieved.
What emotion do we want to share with you? That of introducing to you a Stoneware collection that explores new looks and solutions, which tickle your fancies and steer trends.


Production from clay powder includes compression, then drying, full-body dyeing, colour and pattern printing and lastly firing. It guarantees very high-strength and impeccable quality over time.


Ceramic has a great reputation because it has always existed. The mastery of its design and its reputation as an essential product in any home are long known. Ceramic has become increasingly important in modern industry because it replaces other materials and enables specific applications.


Rigorously designed and produced ceramic tiling brings a unique style to indoor and outdoor fittings and fixtures.
The bathroom earthenware, the kitchen splashback, the swimming pool tiling, the walk-in shower mosaic floor, these are just so many possible uses where ceramic brings a plus to your home.

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