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Its creativity can be deployed in every room in the house, from the living room to the kitchen, in bathrooms or even the wine cellar. Outdoors, the natural stone or ceramic material is available in terrace floors, paving stones, kerbs, fences and copings for low walls, for a superb aesthetic continuity.


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Rectangle, square, round and oval, its four shapes inspire bathroom design. The handbasin dedicates the beauty of materials like limestone or marble to contemporary and classic worlds.


A decorative art since antiquity, mosaic continues to enchant. A multitude of shapes, of bright, deep, warm and cool colours, and exceptional stones echo today’s aesthetics.


This top quality indoor or outdoor paving underscores your architecture, firstly by its shades, such as grey or black for minimalist sobriety, ochre or red for sweet southern romance, white or beige for timeless classicism. Then by the choice of its pattern: Roman Opus, ancient tradition, clean and strict, Opus Incertum, abstract geometry, natural and spontaneous.


On the floor, walls or in mosaic, stoneware (tiles) stylishly upgrades bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc. Available in different texture effects, it imitates wood, marble, concrete to perfection, while at the same time keeping the advantages of tiling.


The external or internal wallboard looks like a solid wall. To recall the atmosphere of a country house, or add contrast and relief by combining with modern architecture.


Exterior stones to re-cut, 10 to 25 cm thick, they give the wall the charm of the massif. A range of colours, materials and the creation of mixtures (Aravis, Morzine, etc.), give each project its own style.


They organize the landscape: play areas, walkways, gardens or flower-filled spaces and can create low walls.


Block treads in natural stone turn outdoor stairs, an access solution, into a truly decorative feature. The grey stone accentuates an elegant, graphic outdoor ambience. The beige or pinkish stone adds to a natural, authentic decor.


Steps and copings in natural stone cover the areas around your swimming pool and stairs. They also adjust the style depending on the finish of the surface or edge. The surface irregularities give a well-used, authentic look. Conversely, a smoother finish will have a very minimalist character. Each coping and step is available in paving.


Stone slate roofing, an ancestral roof, blends with the façade’s wood and stone for a unique elegance. The quartzite is available in shades that are both authentic and original. The slate has a black coat ranging from raw to very graphic.


Long live your walls and your aesthetic choices! The rustic look prefers natural finishes with uneven edges. The modern look demands a minimalist finish with straight edges. The leak-proof pile caps may be flat, for placing a light fixture or flower pot, or shaped like a spearhead.


Ideally suited to wide open spaces, intimate terraces, and walkways, paving stones offer several finishes. Adding a highly personal touch to your outdoor spaces, paving stones guarantee the greatest durability and can be put to any use.


It creates outdoor settings where the mineral enhances the space and plants, in the spirit of your decoration. Pebbles, gravel, gabions, walking space, decorative rock, furniture, sculptures and fountains.

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