Stone description

We think we know it but we never see its limitations! Nor can we imagine its quirks. We who invent it in the quarries at the other end of the world, we who work all its faces, are always astonished by it. It offers moments of pure seduction, decades of perfection. It answers through all its veins, all its nuances, the questions posed by trends.


For us this has never been a business like any other! To introduce you to an original material, created by the forces of the Earth and the secrets of the quarries. To guide you in a world of difference, beauty, excellence, a world of stones. To reveal to you its unsuspected resources, sources of your most beautiful inspirations…
Particularly as this business also requires reinventing the ability to revive stone, to explore its aesthetics and its new solutions, to create its new trends.
If our business is equated with passion, it’s because Capri cultivates an innate sense of the exceptional. And for that stone to be the most exclusive and most contemporary material for decoration, each Capri stone offers you a unique vibration.


For as long as Earth has existed, stone has driven History. Rough, cut, dug, painted, sculpted, polished, engraved, it reveals eras, civilisations, epochs. It’s no accident that the most distant period in our history is called the Stone Age. It bears witness, reflects and passes on. This strong material often used instead of concrete for building, then for grand purposes in temples, is now an element in its own right for decorating our homes.


For indoor or outdoor fixtures and fittings, natural stone from quarries all over the world provides the wow factor, the exclusivity.
A splashback in marble for the kitchen, a stone wall behind a wood-burning stove, mosaic for the floor of your walk-in shower, a handbasin for the bathroom, tiling for your swimming pool, kerbs to demarcate the courtyard, decorative pebbles for your garden; as many standard or custom-made possible uses where stone can work wonders.
Stone is a natural resource that deploys its immense variety and the richness of its veins. Because no stone is exactly the same, it renders your decoration absolutely unique! It is the cutting edge of modernity when a large format in black stone is combined with glass paste mosaics. It is delightfully rustic when beige limestone with tumbled finish is laid in Roman Opus or when walls are embellished with trims in relief.

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