Quartzites are very hard sedimentary rocks extracted by cleavage. Their shiny particles made up of soldered quartz crystals give them a unique appearance and colours. Their colours are varied and ideally suited to any home improvement project.


Shales are in fashion driven by an unbeatable quality/price ratio. This material stands out for its foliated look and extraction in thin layers. Its split surface gives it a natural look. Shales are intended for indoor use. Black or grey shales have been specially chosen for their even colours and fine thickness. The multi-coloured shales come in very varied colours.


Limestones are soft or hard sedimentary rocks. They are found in a wide range of products, in very subdued colours. Hard limestones are more compact, suitable for places where people are constantly coming and going. While soft limestones are used to decorate interiors.


Sandstones are sedimentary rocks composed of grains of silica. They can be extracted by cleavage to obtain a raw surface or else sawed to make more modern products. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor fixtures and fittings.


Basalts are very hard volcanic stones, comparable to granites in their characteristics. With a quite dark grey colour, they go very well with a simple, modern style. In most cases they are used outdoors in pavings.


Granites are magmatic rocks formed under high pressure in the lower layers of the earth, which is why they are the hardest and most hard-wearing stones. They are highly recommended for kitchen work plans and flooring with heavy traffic. Good stain-resistance and laying with narrow joints are other advantages. Known for their speckled look, they now exist with a surface closer to marble. Albiana is one of these, which are creating tomorrow’s trend.


Marble is a very hard, compact metamorphic rock that has been used for centuries. Its colour pallet varies from white to black, sometimes green, yellow or red and often veined or cloudy. You will be able to invite every region in the world home with marble! Often used as a decorative element in every room in the house, it can be worked equally in a modern or classic style. Only certain rare marbles are suitable for outdoors.

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