The story

Capri, three generations in search of the exceptional

Dominique, Bruno et Tino Orazio Capri


A simple worker on the most noble of materials, Tino Orazio Capri harbours a boundless passion for its infinite diversity, its beauty and its footprint through the ages. So when he set up in the French Alps in 1966, his taste for unique and beautiful work did not take long to set him apart. His local stone fireplaces spotlighted his talent for selecting and working raw materials. The Capri Quest for the Exceptional began…


From his father Tino, Dominique and Brigitte Capri have inherited a wonderful passion. But it is their ambition to return natural stone to its very first role in building. So they have steered the business towards trading, diversifying and qualifying its supplies, supporting layer craftsmen. Their expertise is still growing and the company with it. From quarry to building site, Capri’s high standards once again stand out as a benchmark.


At the dawn of the 21st century, Emilie & Bruno Capri in turn embody a company that more than ever resembles stone: at once sensitive and strong, spontaneous and luxurious. Mindful of the explosion of styles, attuned to architects and interior designers, Capri has also formed ties with Swiss design by integrating Imporphyre, its Valais alter ego. A wide range reflects stone and ceramic trends. At the foot of the Mont-Blanc and in the heart of Valais, the showrooms unveil complete, custom-made collections. Capri symbolizes the exception.

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