Capri Passion

Capri at the cutting edge

Capri people never feel they are doing an ordinary job. They only have to pass the doors in St Pierre-en-Faucigny (Haute-Savoie, France) and in Ardon (Valais, Switzerland), or open the catalogue of the specialist in natural stone and ceramic for over 50 years. You discover an original material, created by the forces of the Earth and the secrets of the quarries. As though it was normal, you meet people who explore seams on the five continents and who know that each mineral has to be cut in a special way! Here is not just a place to talk about decorating, but a forum for the universe of difference, beauty and excellence… Natural Inspiration.

Inspiring art – an ambitious undertaking!

Professionals and amateurs alike set out to make their architectural or decorating project unique. Capri selectors and advisers are there to accompany individual choices. Naturally, their “business” hinges on the creative dimension of the stone or ceramic. Stone has a natural, timeless, fascinating yet surprising beauty, ideal for giving free rein to the imagination! The wealth of its décors, the diversity of its volumes and the infinite variety of its textures multiply the possibilities for its use indoors and out. The art lies in harmonising materials, desires and the senses. And that is where experience and sensitivity come in. Capri knows stones by heart. Capri stones vibrate, and inspire. All the more so because we have the power to reinvent our end users’ ability to be moved by stone, explore new aesthetics and find new solutions. So it is not surprising that Capri, which comes up at least with ten new major materials each and every year, is respected as THE trend-setter.

Listening and sharing

But how do you shift from the rocky entrails of the Earth to the aesthetic fibre concealed in each of us? Quite simply, all you have to do is speak the languages of several universes. The languages of geologists, miners, quarriers and cutters. The languages of aesthetes, designers and decorators. The languages of craft workers, monumental masons and layers. The language of amateurs who start with their personal feelings and then live the product in their private lives. And, above all, you have to know how to listen and share all their passions! It is only through in-depth knowledge of all the trades and the respect of all these sensitivities that we can supply the stones that target emotions so as to achieve perfect execution.

A spirit of exception…

Capri has an innate sense of perfection. It is our corporate spirit to fight to make stone or ceramic the most exclusive and the most up-to-date material for decoration. Experts on our products and especially on their use, we take care of each need and each room in the minutest detail. From simple paving stones to the amazing luxury of a rare vein, Capri stone is always unique and in harmony with its setting!

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